Providing real solutions for public plans.

For Public Plan Sponsors

A relationship with Plan Funding Solutions, llc provides the public defined benefit plan sponsor access to complete decision-making analytics and metrics to address their plan funding problems. We are committed to a "no surprises" philosophy and deliver innovative and unique solutions and strategies to address the underfunding crisis.

For Investment Consultants

Plan Funding Solutions, llc works with the plan's Investment Consultant to provide a liability driven investment plan for pre-retirement plan participants and retirees using a pension risk transfer Buy-In. Fixed income expertise is provided by select Registered Investment Advisors who focus on short duration and liability matching investment programs.


Plan Funding Solutions, llc is a pension advisory company providing solutions to the growing funding crisis being experienced by public defined benefit pension plans.

By applying liability driven investing and pension risk transfer techniques and strategies, we are able to deliver solutions-oriented processes to the plan’s sponsor and participants..

We are committed to providing actuarially sound metrics and analysis, that once implemented, may reduce underfunding, increase the sustainability of the plan and maintain benefits to employees and retirees. Our trademarked solutions-driven process, ERISP® (Employee and Retiree Income Solutions Program) and customized Analytics Report© is addressed to all stakeholders in municipal, local, and state defined benefit pension plans.